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DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) blocker

Stinging Nettle 500mg
• DHT prevention ($11.99)

Saw Palmetto 160mg
• Reduction of benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms ($17.99)

Green Tea 250mg
• DHT blocker

• Inhabits DHT Production 
• Prevent male pattern baldness 
Muscle Mass (plus DHT blocker)
Mass is one of the most worked fitness goals, harder to obtain than losing weight and 
getting in shape combined, well this may just be for me however, gaining mass requires upmost dedication, not only do you have to workout up to 5 times a week, a diet of at least 4000 to 6000 calories (situation dictates) to combat the calories burned while living, not including 5 gym trips and other caloric burning activities.

Here's what I use to introduce enough calories to enduce muscle growth.   

One cup of oatmeal, 20-34 grams of Hemp Protien, 1 to 2 tablespoons of organic peanut 
butter, almond milk, and blend till desired consistency. Drink 2 a day, every day for best results- morning and night.
Whey Isolate/ Hemp 50g 
• Muscle regeneration

Fenugreek 610mg
• Increase test level ($9.99)

Tribulus Bulgarian 750mg 
• Testosterone production ($24.99)

DHEA 25mg 50mg
• Increase test hormone (25mg $11.99)
  (50mg $19.99)

Saw Palmetto 160mg
• Keep test from converting to SHBG ($17.99)

Stinging Nettle 500mg
• Keep test from converting to SHBG ($11.99)
Pre workout/ One hour before
• Fenugreek (3)
• Tribulus (1)
• DHEA 50 (1)
• Saw Palmetto (1)
Post workout 
• Fenugreek (2)
• Stinging Nettle (1)
• Fenugreek (2)
• DHEA 25 (1)
• Saw Palmetto (1)
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