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DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) blocker

Stinging Nettle 500mg
• DHT prevention

Saw Palmetto 160mg
• Reduction of benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms

Green Tea 250mg
• DHT blocker

• Inhabits DHT Production 
• Prevent male pattern baldness 
Muscle Mass (plus DHT blocker)
Mass when it is needed it can be close to impossible to amass. 
The Mass Holistic Program is there to support anyone on a journey into the world of mass gains. 

Pro Tip: Eat as many natural calories as possible, weight gaining shakes are hard on the body and do not leave lasting results. 
Hemp 50g 
• Muscle regeneration

Fenugreek 610mg
• Increase test level

Tribulus Bulgarian 750mg 
• Testosterone production 

• Increase test hormone 25mg

Saw Palmetto 160mg
• Keep test from converting to SHBG ($17.99)

Stinging Nettle 500mg
• Keep test from converting to SHBG ($11.99)
Pre workout/ One hour before
• Fenugreek (3)
• Tribulus (1)
• DHEA 50 (1)
• Saw Palmetto (1)
Post workout 
• Fenugreek (2)
• Stinging Nettle (1)
• Fenugreek (2)
• DHEA 25 (1)
• Saw Palmetto (1)
These recommendation have not been approved by the FDA. The intent of this site is for self Holistic Supplementing advice, consult your primary caregiver before starting any programs. If any adverse side effects occur stop use immediately, and consult a doctor. This website is perspicacious research only.