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Vegan nutritional information. inquiry Email

by Tyler Houghton on 11/08/16

Totally, I wish I would have understood that because I would have come to class last week! 

Yes vegan all the way! :) I really need to make a blog about it because so many people would love it. 

Just some initial nutritional experiments, cooking with;
Nutritional Yeast - vitamin B
Flax Meal - omegas  
Hemp Seed - omegas, great for fatty acids
Brags line of products: apple cider vin, amino acid. 

Good stores to visit for meat and cheese replacements; 
Whole Foods
Sac CO-OP 
*Even Saveway has some options. 

The best place to start cooking is light meals then moving to heavy I would say, it helps with expectations. 

All in all, just like everything else just do whatever your comfortable with and because the drive is there new cooking opportunities always pop up. For me its aways so much fun to find new meals that aren't vegan, then making them vegan! 

I appreciate the encouragement to write this stuff down and for the class experience overall.  

And now we begin!

by Tyler Houghton on 11/08/16

Hello Friends and family, 

Welcome to the #occupyconsciousness blog site. We are not affiliated with, yet, throughly connected to all other occupy movements. I have been meaning to convert this website and add VEGAN awareness though it hasn't been a top priority. Which is why the website is in shambles, that is neither here nor there, today a homie finally inspired me to commit to the blog. So many people have been inquiring about Veganism, the lifestyle associated with it and how to embark on a personal journey to end suffering. To end suffering in general. People have chosen to live a Vegan lifestyle for a variety of reasons, health, animal rights, spirituality, the list goes on. The best part, Vegans allow us to see a world of equity and consideration is possible. Theatrical and Applied Veganism may be different, yet both reduce the suffering caused by the level of historical animal consideration. Meaning the way we have learned to treat animals by history has leaked into our daily life. If we don't care about the life of our steak or pork chop or chicken breast, how can we say we care about the children's health. How can we say we care about the atmospheric climate change or land degradation taking place around the world. We have been lead by a distorted view of conservation, a old world anthropocentric view of the human's place in the environment. Another lifestyle is possible, all that is required it education. Thank you for educating yourself! 

I will post the email I sent to the homie in another blog, it will have basic information share it will others curious of change. 

Best regards, 
Vegan Ty
#occupyconsciousness #NOdapl #waterislife

The beginning is near

by Tyler Houghton on 10/10/14

Tyler Houghton

The beginning is near

     I.. I believe... I believe that... I believe that we... I believe that we can... I believe that we can win! I believe that we can win! I believe that we can win! 

As I sit in the JFK airport on my journey home, this chant sends goose bumps across my body like a uncontrollable title wave. Because effects of drastically accelerated climate warming and the lack of serious response, cheers swept throughout the People's Climate March. Showing the UN's climate summit the world community is organized, ready to challenge for climate policy reformation. Four Hundred thousands people's voices like a wave crashing to and fro, preeminently imprinted, continually enforcing this "we can win" mentality upon my conscious; I believe that we can win, I believe that we can win. People unified with purpose, coming together to say we will never be defeated. We demand our country along with world leaders take immediate action to reform our system, to revamp our long term plans and policies in regards to the future of our climate crisis.

     There are many enities in Western culture which believe global warming is a hox, their main stream properganda discredits current scientific facts and data surrounding the single most important global issue of the 21st century. With individuals and organizations pouring uncontrolled amounts of cash into false ideals supporting climate deniers, we the people organize. Koch brothers and General Electric to hold in example, please though do not hold these entities enemies no matter the validation. When the exampled entities use this personal profit to develop methods veiling what scientist are calling the primary cause of the sixth extinction, a conflict of interest is not the only repercussion to arise over time. A culture of misdirection and biased opinions flood our social norms, adverting our focus from increasingly worsening weather patterns seen across the globe. They advert our attention to fashion and trending consumer "wants". 

      As I sit in the airport, forced to listen to the very same propaganda explained above, the news caster makes subjective remarks in a ten second segment about a sit-in held the day after the PCM, #floodwallst. #floodwallst holds a verity of sentiments which should be taken whole heartedly, two primary worries money corruption and classism. I flooded Wall St. because the current location of Wall St. will become flooded if sea leaves continue to rise. I flooded Wall St. because we the people are unpleased by the on going Wall St. activity, capitalizing on war time production. I sit in because when the news reporter subjectively reports "Wall St. is proud in their ability to stay open, able to conduct business as usual even in the most severe costal storms which shut down New York City!" She reports with a condescending expression on her face, "these protestor were actually trying to shut Wall St down." As if, the idea of 100 people collectively sacrificing themselves arrested in the name of climate justice. As if, the story was no more than coverage of an adolescent attempt to disrupt- Wall St operation. She hopefully not purposely, fails to mention the effects of these same storms Wall St. is capable to power through, destroyed many east coast communities; displacing millions. This idea of misconstruing and withholding, the truth, the subjective slandering of peaceful protests aimed to stop the continual exploitation of our earth, the poisoning of our air and media, the warming of our oceans is why- I march.

     While the Koch organization thrives on Wall St. they help keep people blind, hiding the cost of managing our finite resources maintaing a neoliberalistic profit benefiting a few. I march to show my humans there is another path, one in which we can all profit. However, not profit in the current since of the word, profit form actual gain because the choices we make every day may move us forward. Profit in the name of humanity. This concept to some is so foregin, the consumerism personality will defend the current paradigm at all cost to sanity, this is why I sacrifice my life. I willingly sacrifice my higher education, my career, my relationships to show our humans there is another path. A path of full inclusion, ecological justice is the way to a world of sustainably. A world where people can thrive without future generations being taxed on oxygen, taxed on time, taxed on life. The time is now, we all must sacrifice a portion of our life to transcend humanity to a higher level of consciousness. The people rise like the water, to clam this crisis down. In the words of my great grand daughter, we must shut Wall St. down! 


by Tyler Houghton on 11/25/13

#?OneSocialProblemaDay? keeps the economical depression away.
Elders in Prison:

There are a handful of problems with older inmates in our nation's prisons, more than the obvious fact they are still in prison. After a stay in one of the U.S federal prison, assimilating back into American culture makes for an awkward transition. Having a detention system as socially hindering as our federal prisons is appalling, not actively engaging the sole problem of incarceration is inhuman. Increasing incarceration sentences to prove how committed to society a running politician, is obsession of something other than the collective U.S well-being. Underutilization of resources another theme of Western style capitalism, instead of affording one person complete negative influence over others, force them into a psychological evaluation. And trust me, I mean both the politician and the prisoner. An evaluation of the social potential a person(s) whom wants or is forced into the system, to rate the effects the individual may have on the common populace. To reduce the ethnocentric view's of the narrow minded politician trying to win a influential position, or a prisoner trying to use their experiences to enrich society. This would greatly reduce the burden of elders on the federal prison system, while influencing repeat offenders to become apart of forward thinkers rising out of the ashes of what was once their personality.

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