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Vegan nutritional information. inquiry Email

by Tyler Houghton on 11/08/16

Totally, I wish I would have understood that because I would have come to class last week! 

Yes vegan all the way! :) I really need to make a blog about it because so many people would love it. 

Just some initial nutritional experiments, cooking with;
Nutritional Yeast - vitamin B
Flax Meal - omegas  
Hemp Seed - omegas, great for fatty acids
Brags line of products: apple cider vin, amino acid. 

Good stores to visit for meat and cheese replacements; 
Whole Foods
Sac CO-OP 
*Even Saveway has some options. 

The best place to start cooking is light meals then moving to heavy I would say, it helps with expectations. 

All in all, just like everything else just do whatever your comfortable with and because the drive is there new cooking opportunities always pop up. For me its aways so much fun to find new meals that aren't vegan, then making them vegan! 

I appreciate the encouragement to write this stuff down and for the class experience overall.  

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